Today's world presents real worries, but we still need to laugh.   I admit, I’m a worrier.  Even imagined worries make me happier, because I don’t like surprises. If something bad happens and I’ve been worrying about it, then it’s not a surprise. And if it doesn’t happen, then that’s a good thing and I’m … Continue reading Worries

Three-Star Restaurant, a Town and a Poem

  In this wealthy little burg, young mothers with perfect figures push their babies in luxury SUV strollers (google the prices––you’ll be amazed) and their husbands drive Teslas. We have no grandbabies nor even pets to stroll, and we drive a Prius. Dogs abound. Couples walk their pampered pooches to the Coffee Roasting Company, where … Continue reading Three-Star Restaurant, a Town and a Poem