Sites I Frequent

Crossword Corner      The blog site I visit almost every day is Crossword Corner, which discusses the LA Times crossword, my favorite puzzle because, well, that’s the one that’s in our local papers.  I use the SF Chronicle edition, fold the page in quarters then [attempt to] fill it out in ink; I settle for the on-line version if we are traveling.  Crossword Corner explains the answers and has a nice congenial group of commenters.  I’ve been a lurker (I prefer to say a silent participant) at CC’s blog since she started it in January of 2008.

Bill Moyers      The political site I trust the most to be factual and fair is Bill Moyers’.  You can read of his accomplishments in Wikipedia, and be impressed.  Bill Moyers’ Timeline.

This  Bill Moyers interview with Robert Jay Lifton is worth the read.   I try to stay away from too much political stuff, but every every American to read this.


Gotham Writers     I visit Gotham Writers out of New York City, and love their on-line classes.  Their lessons are especially meaty.  The Humor Writing class was so much fun, I might take it again.  Gotham’s monthly newsletter includes a lot of information.

Poets & Writers     Poets and Writers is reputable.  I should visit more often.


OAT               Road Scholar

The travel companies that we use more often than others are Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) and Road Scholar.  I visit both of their sites often, just to daydream about new trips.

Rick Steves  When we went to a Rick Steves talk, I expected him to chat about how to pack a carry-on, but instead, his talk was quite political.  And very interesting, I might add.  It made me want to visit his website, and his TV show on Fascism is just one of the valuable things you can find there.



Cake Wrecks   If I am in need of a really good laugh.