Happy New Year!

My resolution for 2018:  become more proficient at capturing unique photo ops.   I can think of several I missed in the past two months, and who knows how many more I was too dense to even realize what I was missing.

IMG_0169After Thanksgiving, on a bike ride along the trail through our local park, I heard a loud honking noise but still missed a dozen Canadian geese flying in a V formation.

Of course, these are resident geese so they were only migrating from the North end of the park to the South end and their flight time was short.  But they flew right in front of the PEACE sign, which would have made a great Christmas card, if I’d caught it.

In December, we spent several warm, sunny days in San Francisco.  As we often do, we walked through Chinatown––on Stockton, not Grant––past mom-and-pop groceries selling all sorts of exotic foods.  At one corner, we were across from an apartment building where the residents had their laundry hanging out the windows.  One enterprising family had included a hanger holding strips of meat, a jerky of some sort, drying in the sun.  I was so impressed with their ingenuity that I failed to get a photo.

To see some beautiful photos of San Francisco, check out this post by one of my favorite photo-bloggers:  Shoot from the Trip

Our end-of-year walk in Santa Cruz showed us some innovative ways to get a surfboard to the beach.



We caught a nice sunset, but couldn’t capture the surfer statue.  Too dark for my camera to appreciate this sculpture.

You can almost see his red Santa hat.





Best to take his picture in the AM.   Sometimes he wears a lei.

I missed some good photos last year, but I don’t want to miss the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year! IMG_0144

   Let us all strive toward a more peaceful world.


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