Bike Tour, Toronto

If you ride, I know you will agree:  a great way to meet a new city is on a bike.  These photos are from our most recent city tour: Toronto.  IMG_3660

We choose to stay at the DoubleTree in Toronto because it is within walking distance from the train station and to all sorts of good stuff, including the starting point for bike tours.  To save time, we eat in the hotel dining room, and find their scrambled egg frittata big enough for two, and so delicious we eat it every day we’re there.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 2.29.07 PM
And we’re close to where we meet the bike guides.

Bike meet-up place.   We’re a small group: leaders Ken from Rochester, NY and Buzz from Australia, plus a friend of Buzz’s visiting from Australia, the two of us, and a family of five from Ecuador who’ve lived all over the world.  The father Alfonso tells us he is in Securities, but when he says Colombia, where they now live, is safer since his organization is there, I realize he means Security, not financials.  Big difference.  I make a mental note that maybe our next South American trip should include Colombia.

The tour company provides the bikes as well as helmets and water; we elevator down, down, down to get our bikes, then gear up and test our rides on the lower level of a parking garage.

Waiting for the light.

We are surprised to be in street traffic as much as we are, but the tour guides use alleys, paths, parks and other non-auto areas, too.

A busy intersection connected to the PATH.

The weather is beautiful, cloudy with no rain, so we stay mostly above ground and see very little of the PATH’s 16 miles of shopping arcades (the world’s largest underground shopping complex).

Our half-day, ten-mile ride takes us through public areas.

Trinity Square
Inclusive church at Trinity Square
We walk our bikes through Eaton Centre, adjacent to Trinity Square.
Old City Hall.

We ride through parks.

Tai Chi at Grange Park
Stone grazers at “Courtyard Cows.”
Sugar Beach.  The umbrellas remind me of sugary cotton candy.

We wheel our bikes into Union Station for a restroom break, and eat our granola bars.

IMG_3836 2
The beautiful art deco building has been restored.
This glassed-in walk-way leads to the UP train. (Union-Pearson Airport train––get it?)
The grand Fairmont Hotel across from Union Station.

The tour includes frequent picture stops and we make mental notes of places we want to come back to.

The trendy Distillery District.
The Gooderham, an old  flatiron building.  (Built by a relative of the distillers.)
IMG_2948 2
I think this is a modern version of a flatiron.
Riding past St. Lawrence Market––we’ll come back for the food!


CNN Tower.  Photo Op.
Fountain next to government buildings. Another good photo op spot.

The Toronto sign reminds us of the Amsterdam sign.  We did a bike tour of Amsterdam four years ago––Toronto is an equally good experience (maybe better, because in Amsterdam you must put up with grumpy old men on bikes who don’t like tourists).

Only four years ago?  I look so young!

Maybe next time we will rent bikes and take a public art tour public art tour in this bike-friendly city, or plan our own tour of sorts: Toronto trails.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 7.17.19 PM
Look at Google’s bike routes.  The waterfront trail looks like a easy and scenic ride if you are on your own.
We realize during the ride that it’s our anniversary––the 52nd.  A great way to celebrate!



Date of Travel:  July 2018

Hotel: Doubletree by Hilton

Tour:   Toronto Bicycle Tours ; on Facebook

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