Three Falls To See

I love waterfalls.  Doesn’t everyone?  Rating the three grand falls we’ve seen, I have to say Iguazu is the most impressive.

Iguazu Falls––border of Argentina and Brazil

Super powerful.  Of course it might depend on the season.  In a heavy rain year, flooding of the lower area can cause the falls to be less impressive.

The secure walkways feature removeable surfaces and won’t get torn up if flooding occurs.

Walkways on both the Brazil side and the Argentina side get one real close to the action, from every angle.This is how we experienced it in March of 2018.  From the Brazil side: up close and personal at the top, and where we got wet.

This quiet walk over the river on the Argentina side,

ends with this view.

Yes, we took the thrill ride under the falls.  The best part: we never have to do it again.

Most surprising?  Oodles and oodles of gentle butterflies in the surrounding area––a peaceful contrast to the force of the falls. This is the same butterfly, open and closed.


Puddles provided drink to the lovelies, and clouds of yellow butterflies took to the air as our jeep drove down a dirt road––what a joyful feeling.

This lady hitched a ride on my back for several minutes.

Victoria Falls has to be included as a beautiful “must-see.”

Victoria Falls––border of Zambia and Zimbabwe

The Zambezi River forms a curtain of water falling into a narrow gorge. IMG_9132 We visited in the dry season (September, 2013), and did not experience the large quantities of water from what natives call Mosi-oa-Tunya.

Mosi-oa-Tunya: “the smoke that thunders.”
Lots of rainbows.

A nice long path lines the rim on the Zimbabwe side, IMG_2517

where we met up with Mr. Warthog.

In the dry season, a natural rock lip allows crazy people to swim in “Devil’s Pool” on the Zambia side.

Viewed from the Zimbabwe side –– yes, those people are about to get into the pool.

Our guide told us it is illegal but apparently there are licensed outfitters that will lead you there.  Still crazy, in my book.

Our own Niagara Falls rates right up there with the best.  In July of this year we had a chance to see the Canadian side of the falls with its beautiful “Coke-bottle green” water.

Niagara Falls––border of Canada and US
The only thing more immense than the falls––the crowds of people trying to get a glimpse.

The adjacent park, the parking areas, and the visitors center are all well-planned.


The wide Niagara river before the falls.
Crowds of people ride under the falls in red (Canadian) or blue (US) boats. No, we didn’t  do it––been there, done that, at Iguazu.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 8.54.17 PMIf you go, avoid the summertime crowds and all the commercialization––drive out a bit to get a good meal, and take a road trip through the uncrowded and scenic rural areas of the Niagara Peninsula.  We were lucky to have a tour of the area by relatives who live near Toronto, one of whom grew up on a vegetable farm near St Catharines.  It felt peaceful.

I grew up not too far from Lake Erie, but I had never heard of the Welland Canal with its seven locks, the shipping route that connects Lakes Ontario and Erie.  You can take a tour.



Iguassu travel date:  March 2018.   Tour: OAT’s  The Wilderness Beyond: Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & the Chilean Fjords,  Pre-trip to Iguassu Falls


Victoria Falls travel date:  September 2013. IMG_2472 Tour: OAT’s Ultimate Africa: Botswana, Zimbabwe, & Zambia Safari

Niagara Falls travel date:  July 2018.  Road trip from Toronto suburbs.

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