Beautiful Bridges

Puente_de_la_Mujer,_Puerto_Madero,_Buenos_Aires,_Argentina,_29th._Dec._2010_-_Flickr_-_PhillipC_(1)Just like our 2015 visit to Buenos Aires, we walk on the pedestrian bridge under its soaring cantilever spar before going to a nearby restaurant for our last dinner in the city.  This time, though, the tour guide mentions the bridge’s designer––Calatrava––who, he says proudly, is “a native Argentinian.”

We recognize the name.  No, we think, he’s European, perhaps Italian.  Turns out to be from Spain: Santiago Calatrava.  So obvious once we know.  Of course––it’s the architect of the Sundial, a pedestrian bridge in close-by Redding, California.

Pedestrians enjoy Puente de la Mujer on an almost-full-moon evening in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires’ upscale Puerto Madero district, where streets are named for famous and important Argentine women, hosts this bridge called Puente de la Mujer.  Calatrava described his design as the synthesis of a couple dancing the tango.buenos-aires-puente-de-la-mujer-05-937d6296

Curving over the waters of the shallow Rio de la Plata, Puente de la Mujer rotates to an open position to accommodate river traffic.  More about the bridge and the Puerto Madero district.

We should have recognized the design the first time around because the Puente de la Mujer is very similar to the Sundial.  Likened to a bird in flight, the Sundial Bridge really is a sundial.  On our recent stop in Redding on a sunny day, a week and a half after June solstice, we walk across the bridge, then glance at our watches: 2 PM.

We look down and see  the shadow resting exactly on the 2 PM button.

Unplanned, but fun timing.  Impressive how fast the shadow moves––a foot a minute.




The bridge is also environmentally sensitive––supports are anchored on land, respecting the nearby salmon-spawning habitat in the river.


Pedestrians and bicyclists enjoy views up and down the river.

IMG_3441More about the Sundial Bridge  here,  or here.

Calatrava’s bridges aren’t his only beautiful designs.  Enjoy more of Calatrava’s sensuous structures.

And if you are visiting the Redding area, don’t miss this design of Mother Nature.

Mt. Shasta, near Redding, CA.  From Hwy 5 Vista Point, July 2, 2018.

Travel dates:  March 2018 and July 2018.

Buenos Aires visit a part of OAT tour:  The Wilderness Beyond: Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & the Chilean Fjords

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