Memorable Moments in Antarctica

People ask us why we liked our trip to Antarctica so much.  My answer: “We don’t know, but everyone loves their trip to Antarctica.  You should go.”

I do know I loved the quiet. And the stillness.  And the penguins.  And the scenery.  Some of the highlights:

Ushuaia––a nice little town with wonderful ice cream and beautiful flowers.  Go.  You’ll like it.

Pulling away from the dock at Ushuaia.

Heading into Beagle Channel, toward the Drake Passage.

P1010833  Heading out

Lunch on deck, once we are past the Drake and in Antarctica.

What a difference a few days make.



Lunch on deck.



The thrill of our first (of many) ride on a zodiac.


Being greeting by a landing crew, ready to set foot in Antarctica.


Seeing our first (of many) penguin colony


and walking among the penguins.

We were two fashion plates among the tuxedo-clad birds.

P1010924At one of our final stops, some people chose to swim.  Crazy.  Maybe the penguins agreed – the birds  watched  for a few minutes without saying anything, and then, after our tour guides splashed about, the penguins dove in the water to show us how it’s done.  Link


Go!  You’ll like it!

Date of travel: January 2015.    Tour: Oat’s Antarctica’s White Wilderness





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